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The chairman's Presentation

Hello, everyone!

Sincerely welcome! Thank you for joining the big family, ,Inc. From now on, you start a new journey in ,Inc. We are together, how should we draw our future picture? Maybe you have a bright past, you have special skills, you have experienced lot of sufferings, you have already had rich professional experience, or you are on the first step to the society. All of these, frankly speaking, are no longer important. The important thing is, I believe, you come here with hope and curiosity. What is like? How should I start? What will I be? You are sure to know the answers.

But I have no answers for you, because the answers are in your minds. From the day you join , you are the owner of . The company’s problem is your problem, your achievement is the company’s achievement. We share honor and disgrace. Therefore, I have some suggestions that may be helpful for you. First, to observe: to observe more and speak less since you come here. Observe everything, everybody that you are interested in, and then you will learn more, find more including good things and something far away from perfectness. Secondly, to trust: When you observe and know something, just ask yourself whether you trust the mission and value of the company. If you don't trust them, quitting is a better choice for you .

Thirdly, to think: If you trust the company, please think over how you position yourself. What can I do for the company’s dream and mission? What can I do for the team? How can I adapt myself to the new environment and to be excellent rapidly?

Fourthly, to act: There are a lot of people who can find problems as well as people who understand principles. But there are not many people who follow the principles and take actions. Progress can only be achieved by taking actions. Action can prove yourself. Remember, asking 1000 questions is worse than solving a problem by taking actions. Fifthly, to share: Through your observation, trusting, thinking and taking actions, you will have more valuable ideas and experience. But that is not enough. You have to learn to share something with others whether he is a new comer or an old colleague. Share something with others and help others, and you will improve yourself.

Finally, to love: the only way to get great achievement is to love your job. This is what Steven Paul Jobs said. We believe that.

I look forward to your coming, creating great achievement. We, together with your friends and families, will be proud of you !

Chairman of ,Inc

Liu zengli

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