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A Brief Introduction

iThinking,Inc. was established in 2003.It is a big education research institution and enterprise that majors in the population of research achievement, based on the basic education industry, committed to promoting education reform and informatization, providing high-quality resources on study assistant. The company is located in Science and Technology Park of Tsinghua University where the culture and science research is very popular. Long-term tracking and studying the latest development of the international and domestic education industry, combining the current situation in Chinese basic education, it has gathered a large number of national experts in education and key teachers (more than 300 nationwide education researcher from the various provinces and cities) and professional talents on every subject.

The company has more than 400 special or senior grade authors , over 300 full-time editors. Following the concept of being a pioneer on the education innovation, it has published thousands of high-quality books on study assistant such as Speed Learning Methods, Interpretation & Expansion of Textbook Knowledge and Detailed Explanation to Textbook Knowledge, covering all subjects in primary and middle schools. The books get widely praised by readers after sale and have sold about millions of copies per year.

iThinking,Inc. has nearly 400 staff now. The office area is approximately 1800 square meters. Covering an area of 60 acres, the printing factory is located in the historical and cultural city, Xi’an. The company commits itself to book’s researching, editing, printing, distributing, produces different kinds of fine books on study assistant covering subjects in primary school, senior high school and junior high school. It also produces books on various of special fields including kids’ books, dictionaries, composition books, research books on tests.

Taking mission of “promoting the development and innovation of China’s education and culture industry”, the company insists on the managing model of “science and research first”. Under the guidance of the value of the company “honesty, mission, responsibility, dedication”, it gets sustainable operation. The R&D team sets up information collecting stations and teaching experimental sites in outstanding model schools in national provinces and cities, on the basis of academic background and education resources of famous universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, etc. We established the academic committee making up of teaching experts from provinces. The most advanced ideas of books about education has been melted into our product and service design by inspecting the education system and curriculum reform in the U.S., Germany, France, Britain, France, Japan and Hong Kong, Taiwan area.

With a group of professional editors, first-class teachers, experienced consultants and sound managing model, the book sales ranks the forefront in the Education Book Industry. In addition, iThinking,Inc. has a core of agents in the nationwide provinces and cities. With the 14 specialist shop in Shaanxi, Sichuan, Guangdong, Shenyang and other provinces, it has become one of the biggest book and education companies with feature of majors in retail. We follow the concept of “tangible quality of the publication, the intangible quality of service”, provide steady, dependable, all-round services for every customer, win the reader’s trust and satisfaction by reputation.

Looking forward to the future, iThinking,Inc. will continue to expand business fields, research, and develop multi-dimensional education products including books, journals, software and network. We will strive to provide consumers with the highest quality products & services, build China’s basic education flagship in an all-round way, and promote the informationization revolution of domestic education. We believe, with the care and support from governments at all levels and a number of partners as usual, with nearly 1000 elite staff’s relentless pursuit for publishing, with the trust and love from millions of consumers, with the attention and encouragement from friends in many industries of society, it will record even greater achievement!

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